Candidates who are unhappy with any aspect of the assessment and award process should first discuss the problem with the Dean of Academic Affairs within 5 days of receiving their results.

The reasons must be made clear by candidate at this time.

The Dean of Academic Affairs will keep record of such discussion together with the date and outcome.

Where necessary the 1st Marker will be instructed to re-mark, and the 2nd marker will also be instructed to mark or re-mark.

It should be noted that if the candidate was borderline double marking should already have been undertaken.

If this does not provide satisfaction the candidate may raise a formal appeal.

Appeals will only be accepted if made in writing (not e-mail) to the Dean of Academic Affairs within 10 days of receiving their results, outlining clearly the circumstances of the appeal.

The 1st and 2nd markers will, re-mark again or consider if here are any aspects that should be taken into account in the candidates performance.

In some circumstances the candidate may be offered a free re-test (eg. Hardware or software problems)

If this is not the case and the result remains unchanged and the Dean of Academic Affairs is unable to resolve the impasse then the candidate must write to named representative (within 5 working days of receiving the 3 rd result) who will act as an independent arbiter.

If the candidate is still unhappy then he/she has the right to appeal to the Awarding Body. This may be done via Dean of Academic Affairs or direct to the Awarding Body in writing. Address to be supplied on request.

The Awarding Body Representative will investigate the circumstances of the appeal and make a report to the appeals panel. In very exceptional cases, the appeals panel may request the Dean of Academic Affairs possibly accompanied by the candidate, to attend a meeting of the panel to provide further explanation of the circumstances of appeal.

Appeal panel decision will be given in writing to the Dean of Academic Affairs and the candidate and are final.