Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is a globally recognised accountancy qualification. It is a badge of quality and professionalism that ensures your knowledge and skills are of the highest standard.

ACCA has more than 219,000 fully qualified members and 527,000 students worldwide. They’re among the world’s best-qualified and most highly sought-after accountants – and they work in every sector you can imagine.

The ACCA Qualification gives you the most up-to-date skills you need to become a finance professional.

When you study with ACCA, you can take your career in any direction. You open doors to the best and most interesting roles all over the world and you become one of the sought-after finance professionals our fast changing world needs.


  • 500,000+ members and students in 170 countries
  • ACCA gives you both financial and management accounting skills
  • It is recognized and respected across the world by employers and clients
  • ACCA qualification gives you skills you can immediately put to work in your career
  • Learn international standards
  • Increasing demand for ACCA professionals


ACCA Live / Face to face Tuition + Live Revision Premium Package
  • Live Online Tuition sessions with notes + recordings.
  • Live Online Tuition Q&A sessions + recordings.
  • Live Online Revision sessions, with notes + recordings.
  • Live Online Revision Q&A session before the exam.
  • Recorded tuition video lectures with notes.
  • Progress tests with video debriefs.
  • Multiple choice tests with feedback.
  • Marked mock exam with video debrief.
  • Dedicated tutor support.
  • Introduction videos from course tutors.
  • Study text, question bank & revision cards (Electronic)*
  • Course library of articles and videos to help you study.
BPP Online Classroom OCR
  • Start you studies anytime with this package.
  • HD-quality studio recorded BPP tuition video.
  • Lectures with notes.
  • Progress test questions with video debriefs.
  • Marked mock exam with video debrief.
  • Introduction videos from course tutors.
  • Multiple choice tests with feedback Course.
  • library of articles and videos to help you study Dedicated tutor support Study text, question bank & revision cards (Electronic).
  • Online community of students and mentors.


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