Pre Arrival Services

Airport Pickup: When requested, the student will be greeted at the airport by the nominated person under the meet and greet programme.

Insurance for Non EU Students: In the case of students who require a visa it is necessary to obtain medical insurance which is sufficient to cover any medical emergency such as: hospital care or a doctors visit while in Malta. The school can organise medical insurance cover that meets immigration authorities requirements.

Health Cover for EU/EEA Students: Students travelling to the school from European Union countries may avail of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, formerly E111) from the Health or Social Services departments of their home country.

Post Arrival Services

Meet and greet programme: After pick up from the airport, the student will be transferred to either the accommodation arranged by the college or the student’s preferred place of stay. A small meeting at the airport and arrangement for transport, living accommodation and initial counselling plays a vital role in making the students transition a more comfortable experience.

Counselling support: The college has qualified staff to counsel students who require additional support on a range of issues from academic to personal. All information is treated as confidential and special attention is given to specific challenges international students encounter when adjusting to a new cultural environment.

Employment Assistance: The student welfare officer is keen to help students gain experience while studying at Learn Key Training Institute.

Orientation Programme: We will provide an age and culturally sensitive orientation programme in which students will be provided with relevant information by our staff during face to face sessions, to make their stay enjoyable.